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What you need to know about FUT United, all in this guide. Let's have a look together. If you need fifa 17 points, our site is your best choice.

Q: What is FIFA 17 FUT United?

A: FUT United is an event that Electronic Arts organises for the FIFA 17 community.

Q: How many editions FUT United has?

A: Two. The first one on November and the second one on February.

Q: When exactly it will take place?

A: We estimate the first edition for between November 7 6:00pm (UK time) and November 14 11:59pm (UK time) and the second edition for between February 13 6:00pm (UK time) and February 20 11:59pm (UK time).

Q: When were FUT United last year?

A: You can see all the dates since the first FUT United clicking here.

Q: Which are the highlights of FIFA 17 FUT United?

A: FUT United is known by five main offers: the chance to winning VIP tickets; a million coins draw; Jumbo Premium Gold Pack giveways; FUT United Cup; and special Happy Hours.

Q: How can I be eligible for these prizes?

A: Play and win any FIFA Ultimate Team match (which includes the mode’s introductory match, Seasons, Tournaments, Challenges, both online and offline) in FIFA 17 except FUT Draft during the Promotion Period and you will be automatically entered into the Promotion.

Q: This contest is valid for which countries?

A: Austria, Bulgaria, Canada (excluding Quebec) Chile, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States (including the District of Columbia and excluding Florida and New York).

Q: When do I need to win a match to get the chance to win these prizes?

A: Between 6:00pm (UK time) of the first day promotion and 11:59pm (UK time) of the last day.

Q: These prizes are available for all platforms?

A: These prizes are an exclusive for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBox One, XBox 360 and PC platforms.

Q: How is the FUT United Cup?

A: It is a online/ single player tournament available during the promotion period, which has better rewards than usual.

Q: Which packs can we expect to see in the store during FIFA 17 FUT United?

A: Unlimited 15k packs should be available during the whole promotion. 25k, 35k, 50k and 100k packs should also be released.

Q: What are the community challenges?

A: During FIFA 17 FUT United there will be community challenges, which means that new pack offers will be released for every ten million matches that are played across the FUT community. In FIFA 16, 25k packs were released as soon as 10 million games were played, 35k packs were released as soon as 20 million games were played, 50k packs were released as soon as 30 million games were played and 100k packs were released as soon as 40 million games were played.

Q: Will EA Sports release free packs to everyone during FIFA 17 FUT United?

A: Probably not. However, Daily Gifts will be available during the event to be redeem in the Companion and Web App.